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Experience on both sides of the courtroom.

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Experience on both sides of the courtroom:

Todd Stone has served as a prosecutor in both State and Federal Courts for the first decade of his career.  As a prosecutor in the City of Richmond & Henrico County, he handled primarily violent crimes, murders and major drug cases.  He was appointed as Special Counsel to the Multi-Jurisdiction Grand Jury for the Richmond metropolitan area. At the Multi Jurisdiction Grand Jury, he ran a grand jury which focused on long-term drug conspiracies as well as a variety of other serious criminal matters.  As a prosecutor, Stone handled thousands of cases, many of which he saw through from the initial investigation all the way through trial. 

Over his career as defense counsel, Stone has defended thousands of clients charged in the State and Federal Courts in Virginia.  He has represented clients charged with homicide, violent crimes, sex offenses, drug cases and just about every other type of criminal and traffic matter.  

Stone's experience as a prosecutor gave him a unique perspective to more thoroughly and effectively represent his clients as a defense attorney.  There's no better experience for a defense attorney than to serve as a prosecutor in both the state and federal systems handling every type of criminal and traffic case. His experience includes the successful representation of clients charged with more routine matters like Reckless Driving, automobile accidents, hit and run, underage alcohol possession and DUI as well as very serious criminal matters like Drug and Sex cases, Fraud, Embezzlement, Woundings and Murder. This gives Todd Stone a unique ability to know how a prosecutor thinks and prepares a case for prosecution.  It further enables him to analyze & assess the most appropriate defense strategy.  He's routinely called as an "on-air" legal analyst by a various broadcast media outlets.



Todd Stone has been recognized for many various awards and honors throughout his career.

As a prosecutor, he was awarded the Director’s Award from United States' Attorney General, The Hon. Janet Reno, in Washington, DC. after a successful prosecution of a capital murder, take-over bank robbery case in the United States' District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.  He worked the case from the date of the offense, throughout the investigation and saw it all the way through sentencing.

As a defense attorney, Stone was peer-voted as a “Superlawyer” for multiple years, the “Nation’s Top One Percent,” the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers,” the “Top Ten Attorneys,” the “Ten Best" and others.


Practice Areas:

Todd Stone represents clients who face criminal & traffic matters, as well as plaintiffs in a variety of personal injury matters.  For a more detailed listing, click here.

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Todd Stone